Zoom Gains Focus Mode to Help Reduce Distractions in Virtual Classrooms

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Zoom has introduced a new feature called Focus Mode that’s designed to prevent students from distracting each other during virtual classrooms.

zoom focus mode
When enabled, Focus Mode allows the teacher or lecturer taking the class to see all the students, while each student can only see the teacher.

The setting can be activated at any time by the teleconferencing host, so for example it could be turned on for lecture periods to reduce distractions from students’ video feeds and then turned off for group discussion.

Focus Mode is available on the free desktop Zoom client, therefore lending itself to other uses, like business meetings, family gatherings and so on.

zoom focus mode 2

Zoom announced the new feature in a blog post offering other back-to-school tips to get children prepared for virtual or hybrid learning. Version 5.7.5 of Zoom for Mac is available to download from the Zoom website.

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