ZENS Liberty Wireless Charger Glass Edition review: Worth the price

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There’s really no shortage of wireless chargers out there and while most of them seem to get the job done, there are only a few that are truly unique and offer functionality that you don’t necessarily get on other chargers.The ZENS Liberty Wireless Charger Glass Edition is certainly an exception to that rule. It’s extremely well built, looks really cool with the glass design, and offers 30W output (2×15) with support for Samsung Fast Charge.ZENS Liberty Wireless Charger Glass Edition review

Most wireless chargers require you to place your phone in the “sweet spot,” in that if you don’t position your phone on the charger just right, it won’t start charging. That’s not a problem that you’ll face with the ZENS Liberty. It has 16 overlapping charging coils that provide you complete freedom of placement. Just drop the phone anywhere on the surface of the charger and it will start charging wirelessly thanks to the maximized active charging area.The glass panel at the top lets you look at the actual coils, it’s a pretty cool design element. There’s also a fan inside the charger to keep things cool, you can definitely hear it but it’s not too loud so you won’t be disturbed if it’s placed beside your bed.The maximized active charging area and 16 charging coils make it possible for the ZENS Liberty to charge two devices simultaneously. So you can choose to charge two Samsung smartphones at the same time or one smartphone and a pair of your favorite Galaxy Buds. Do keep in mind that it’s not possible for Samsung’s smartwatches to be charged using this wireless charger. That’s more on Samsung, though, since it hasn’t opened up the wireless charging functionality of its smartwatches to third-party chargers. However, there is a USB port on the charger that can be used for wired charging of your smartwatch.You’d think that given all that it has on the inside, this is going to be one chunky charger. The ZENS Liberty is really not that thick for what it offers and it does look a lot better than some of the wireless chargers that Samsung has put out so far. You can’t go wrong with it, and seeing as how it offers support for 15W charging, supports charging for two devices simultaneously, and looks like a futuristic piece of tech, it’s well worth the price tag.It is pricey, though. The ZENS Liberty Wireless Charger Glass Edition is available from our SamMobile Shop for €209,99. If you’d like all of the same functionality but without the glass, there’s a cheaper option as well which replaces the glass with a fabric cover. It costs €159,99 and is also available from our shop. We offer free worldwide delivery with tracking.There’s good news, though. For a limited time, you can get 10% off any ZENS charger, and indeed any other product in our shop, by using the code STAYATHOME at checkout. SamMobile will also send you a surprise gift with every purchase of a wireless charger, it can include a 128/256GB microSD card or up to a 1 year premium subscription to SamMobile (worth €40).

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