Zeiss ZX1 Android-powered camera up for pre-order on B&H

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An Android-powered camera is not a new idea but it is not exactly a popular category. We have featured a few here including the old Acer Holo 360 from three years ago. Well, even before that time, the likes of Samsung and Polaroid have already ventured into this game. We may have missed some Android-powered cameras but we find this new one very interesting. The ZEISS ZX1 Digital Camera has just been introduced and is now listed on B&H Store.

The camera is listed online with a very high price tag. It’s $6,000 which means this is professional-level. Zeiss is mainly known for its lenses so we find it impressive that a standalone camera has been made by one of the best makes of camera lenses.

Pre-order is now open on B&H. There is no exact word on market availability but we know it is coming soon. The ZX1 camera was actually announced in September 2018. It took Zeiss two years to make it final and official.

It’s not clear what kind of Android system is installed. We just know about some of the specs like a 37.4MP sensor, 35mm Distago F2 lens, and a 4.3-inch display with 1280 x 720 resolution. Zeiss team up with Adobe to install Lightroom CC on the device for easier capture, editing, and sharing straight from the camera.

The early 2019 arrival of the Android camera didn’t happen although our source already had hands-on experience back in February 2019. It’s almost here. The pre-order page is already a good sign so let’s wait and see. We have a feeling it will be out before the year 2020 ends.

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