YouTube’s redesigned homepage rolls out to desktops, tablets

When you spend a lot of time on YouTube (as most of us do), you probably appreciate the little tweaks that Google does to make it easier for you to not just navigate the app but to discover new videos to watch as well. The latest redesign of the homepage is now rolling out to desktops and tablets and it brings with it not just tools to make it easier for you to discover new videos but also an easier way to navigate through the videos that are there being suggested for you.

What you’ll first notice is that the redesigned homepage now brings you longer video titles so you know what you will possibly click on, bigger thumbnails to give you more visual cues about the video, and of course, higher resolution previews which are pretty self-explanatory. Instead of the previous rows of suggested videos by category, you’ll now see a full-page grid of videos YouTube thinks you might like.

You will still see some horizontal sections for things like breaking news, music, etc. And if you like YouTube channels, then now you’ll see their respective icons in the suggested videos so you know from which channel they will be coming from. Creators will, of course, get better visibility for their pages with the addition of the icons. You’ll now also see the queue button on each of the video thumbnails and or you can also see the “add to queue” option from the three-dot menu. This way, it won’t interrupt the video you’re watching in a smaller window while you’re already choosing what to watch next.

There are channels and videos that show up in your suggested videos that you don’t really want to see anymore. You can now tap the three-dot menu next to the video and then tap on the “Don’t recommend channel” option or the “Not interested” to “teach” your algorithm to not show those videos or that channel anymore. Soon, you will also be able to choose your favorite topics and then customize your homepage with related videos.

The redesigned YouTube homepage is now available on desktop and tablets. The other promised features will soon be available but there’s no date mentioned.

One thought on “YouTube’s redesigned homepage rolls out to desktops, tablets

  1. If only I could turn of the large thumbnails. I have a high res screen I sit 3 feet from. Having three thumbnails 6 inches wide is useless to me.

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