YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode for iOS 14’s Safari is back

The picture-in-picture functionality for iPhones was introduced with iOS 14 – a feature that was borrowed from the iPadOS. So users using the Safari browser for iPhones were able to pull down and continue watching the video in a small floating video as they continue browsing. However, two weeks ago, Google axed the feature without giving any explanation and since the iOS YouTube app still doesn’t support PiP, it left some users quite disappointed.

But it’s now back all of a sudden. Some thought that PiP was the ultimate workaround for non-YouTube Premium subscribers to listen to videos in the background but since the option is back online, it could be something else.

We still don’t know how long Google will keep this feature enabled for non-Premium Safari users but suspect that it won’t be long. After all, that’s one of the key selling points of YouTube Premium.


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