YouTube’s biggest star to shoot vlogs using Galaxy S23 Ultra, Z Flip 5, and Fold 5

What’s the best way to market your costliest flagship phones to the public? Well, according to Samsung, it’s teaming up with the most highly paid YouTuber. Samsung is collaborating with Jimmy Donaldson, professionally known as MrBeast and the most-subscribed individual on YouTube, to showcase the capabilities of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Z Fold 5 for “aspiring and professional creators.”

MrBeast will be using the Galaxy S23 Ultra as the “official vlog camera of the channel” and will also use the Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5. Samsung is touting the “ease of use, long battery life, high-quality video-taking capabilities, and unique form factors” of its smartphones as the reason behind the collaboration, and these phones will be seen in the videos and will also presumably be used to record and edit some of them.

The first video born out of this partnership went live on September 16 and shows MrBeast and his team driving or riding shotgun in different cars with increasingly expensive price tags, including one that costs a whopping $100 million. There’s also a $2 million hydrogen car and a car that “flies”; it’s basically 16 minutes of joyrides in some of the most insane cars that would make even Dom Toretto from Fast and Furious jealous, with a few seconds of hyping up the phones sprinkled in.

Samsung is no stranger to spending tons of money on its marketing campaigns, and this MrBeast partnership is probably going to get the company some solid return on investment, especially in the United States where the channel gets a lot of its viewership from. But if you have been thinking of picking up a Galaxy S23 Ultra, you might not want to wait for more of MrBeast’s videos if you want to take advantage of Samsung’s amazing deal that can get you up to $750 in trade-in credit.

Image credit: Samsung / MrBeast

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