YouTube Shorts ready for all US creators with new features, updates

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YouTube Shorts US

After the Youtube automatic translation feature, we are learning that YouTube Shorts is now available to all content creators in the United States. Google’s very own take on TikTok was first released in India September last year. Some beta users were able to enjoy the feature at the beginning of the year. All creators in the country can now use Shorts and start creating more short videos. You can check it yourself and see the new Shorts camera features available.

YouTube Shorts has gotten new features. Check out the new filters and effects, captions, and a new 60-second video support. Your mobile version of the YouTube app even gets a new Shorts tab.

In the Shorts Camera, you may see a new 60-second recording option. A 15-second option is also ready. There will be some limits though as music from the YouTube library can’t be used for your 60-second video. The video will be capped at 15 seconds only should you decide to use the music from the library.

More effects and filters are being planned. YouTube will add more to the YouTube Shorts camera feature in the coming weeks. Captions can be added automatically but of course, you can add them manually.

On the YouTube mobile app, you can see the Shorts tab as part of the update. You will see it in the bottom bar. The Explore tab will then be moved to the top left portion. YouTube Creators will also notice some new updates in the YouTube Creator.

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