YouTube Music may let you pre-save upcoming albums

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YouTube Music

YouTube Music has been getting a number of updates recently. The last feature here had something to do with Mix playlists and related tab features. There’s also that change concerning Google Play Music users being allowed to transfer library to YouTube Music. The app was also updated with Explore Tab and Song Lyrics, as well as, a much-improved player UI. More have been released earlier in the year like the feature that lets a user add his own music files.

There is no official announcement but YouTube Music is said to now allow saving of albums to a device’s library even before the full release. We don’t think this is the library upload we noted last February but the idea could be similar.

Google may roll out a feature that could pre-save music to a library even if an album isn’t out yet. A few redditors shared what they saw on YouTube Music—the yet to be released ‘All Distortions Are Intentional’ album by the Welsh pop punk band Neck Deep. The album, they believe, won’t be out until July. Some users also saw other albums from different artists.

New and unreleased albums may show up but they will be “unavailable”. The feature may also include a band or artist’s previous singles. The download button will work on other songs so you can have them on your phone and play them even without an Internet connection.

This feature is more than welcome because it allows fans to be notified about anything new from their favorite musicians. Bands and artists can also utilize this feature to promote their albums. Let’s wait for an official announcement from YouTube.

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