YouTube Music brings you more personalized, regularly updated playlists

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YouTube Music came into the music streaming game a little bit late and so they are trying to play catch up to Spotify, Pandora, etc. They’re bringing in more features to lure people over to their side, leveraging on Google’s algorithm as well as the deep catalog from both YouTube and Google itself. The latest one they’re introducing are three different kinds of personalized playlists and mixes that will be regularly updated: Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix.

The three new mixes are pretty self-explanatory from their names, but let’s pretend you don’t know what they’re all about. Discover Mix is for when you’re looking for new artists or “hidden gems” from artists you already listen to. The idea is to listen to something new and “expand your musical horizons”. Every week, you get 50 tracks to listen to and they will be updated every Wednesday. Of course you have something similar in other music streaming sites but if you choose the YouTube Music route, at least you now have this.

The New Release Mix will have all the, well, newest releases from your favorite artists. They also add stuff that they think you may like based on what you listened to before. New releases usually drop every Friday so they will be updating this mix on that day as well. They will also be adding some mid-week releases every once in a while. Lastly, Your Mix will be populated by songs from artists you already know and love but also with some things that they think you’ll love. It will be updated in small doses regularly so you’ll always have something new playing.

These three mixes will base their algorithm on your listening history and so the more you listen to YouTube Music and the more you like songs there, you’ll get better and constantly improving playlists. If you’re just new to YouTube Music, just select a few artists that you like while setting the app or service up and you’ll be able to get personalized mixes based on those that you picked.

Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix are all available for all YouTube Music users globally. If you haven’t tried this music streaming service yet, they have a free trial so you can check it out first before musically committing.

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