YouTube Music brings “Replay Mix” for your songs on repeat

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There are people who like to listen to new things every time they open their music streaming app while there are those who stick to the familiar and listen to the same songs over and over. If you’re oftentimes the latter, YouTube Music has added those songs that are always on repeat and put them into a new playlist. Replay Mix is the newest algorithmic auto-playlist from Google’s official music streaming service which you can find next to the other mixes they created just for you.

You’ll notice the new Replay Mix right next to your Supermix (formerly Your Mix) in the “Mixed for You” section of the YouTube Music app. This is where they flex the algorithmic powers of Google in bringing you mixes of music they know you’ll like to listen to. This new playlist carries the blue, green, and orange cool tones in its cover art and has as many as 100 songs that it noticed you love to play over and over or “a mix of songs you’ve been listening to most in the last few weeks.”

The Mixed for you tab is usually what will load first when you open or reopen the YouTube Music app on your mobile device or on your desktop. It has sections like Your Likes (obviously, the tracks that you liked), Discover Mix (where you get introduced to possibly new music that it thinks you’ll like), New Release Mix (actual new music), the aforementioned My Supermix (everything you like), and several My Mixes which groups artists you listen to into several genres.

Replay Mix is the newest kid on the block and should be perfect for those times when you don’t want to be surprised by music you don’t normally listen to. If you’re a Spotify user as well then you might find it similar to the On Repeat playlist that also turns your earworms into a playlist to make it easier for you to listen to them again. As for Replay Mix, there might be some similar tracks in your Supermix since the latter is an auto-generated playlist of songs you like.

Some reddit users are already seeing Replay Mix in their Mixed For You tab so Google may already be rolling it out in multiple countries. If you’re not seeing it yet, you can also tap on this direct link to see your Replay Mix.

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