YouTube Music brings personal playists to Google Assistant, casting for non-premium members

We have to accept the fact that YouTube Music is more likely here to stay as Google gets rid of Google Play Music to make a play in the music streaming market. The fact that they’re interacting Google Assistant more closely is a sign too that they’re serious this time around. Feature parity still isn’t perfect but we’re getting there. You will now be able to ask Google Assistant to play your personal playlists and non-premium members will also be able to cast uploaded content to other supported devices.

While you could get Google Assistant to play music from YouTube Music, what it couldn’t do was to play the playlists that you created on your own. If you said, “Hey Google, play my I need to get up playlist” it will either reply that this was not available or it will play something else entirely. We saw a feature being tested out earlier this summer that would fix that and now it looks like it’s rolling out to more users now.

Android Police shares that you are now able to get Google Assistant to play your personal playlists. This means you can get your speakers or devices to play those party playlist that you painstakingly created without having to lift a finger. The feature seems to be working in the U.S and in tier countries like the U.K., Canada, and Brazil. It will probably be available in more territories soon.

Another improvement we’re seeing here is you will now be able to cast your uploaded content onto your smart speaker, smart display, etc. Well, you could previously but you needed to have a Premium subscription. Now anyone using YouTube Music can do so. One of the great features of Google Play Music was the ability to access your uploaded content on various devices but YouTube Music took some time to catch up to it.

Hopefully one day we’ll get to the point when we can stop comparing Google Play Music and YouTube Music. For that to happen, the latter needs to achieve feature parity or better yet, bring even better features for music streaming lovers.

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