YouTube Kids Now Available on Apple TV

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The popular YouTube Kids app is now available on Apple TV, making it easier to access the platform’s kid-friendly video content on bigger screens.

YouTube Kids uses a combination of automated filters, human review, and parent feedback to offer a safer environment for kids to watch videos. Parental controls offer additional customization, from allowing only parent-approved collections to be viewed and age-level ratings, to screen time limitations and video/channel blocking.

Even with the filtering and curation in place, YouTube has faced criticism for allowing some inappropriate content onto the YouTube Kids platform, and the company has pledged to improve its policies and procedures to be more strict. Early on, the service was also criticized for targeting children with advertising, with YouTube making some changes to help provide better distinction between ads and video content.

As noted by Engadget, YouTube Kids is compatible with both 4K and HD models of Apple TV, and it works with Siri.

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