YouTube is removing an annoying ad banner next month

You just got a new Galaxy Book 3 laptop, and you fancy watching YouTube content on your new device featuring an OLED display, but you don’t like how the platform serves ads? TeamYouTube has some good news to share.

According to a new official announcement from the YouTube Community Manager, overlay ads will be removed from the platform starting on April 6, 2023. Overlay ads, as they’re called, are served in a banner at the bottom of the video, and they’re a “legacy ad format” that is only available on desktop devices.

YouTube found that this ad format is disruptive for viewers. And in trying to improve the viewing experience and shift engagement to higher-performing ad formats on desktop devices, the company decided to axe these overlay ads for good.

As far as Samsung device users are concerned, this new change to YouTube ads won’t affect smartphone users. However, Galaxy Book users that don’t have a YouTube Premium subscription should no longer see these disruptive ads at the bottom of YouTube videos starting next month.

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