YouTube Go’s sun is setting in August

YouTube Go was launched in 2016 for developing markets as a lightweight alternative to the regular app but it will go away in August, the platform announced on its Community forums.

The video platform advised users of the lite app to either switch to the regular YouTube application on their Android or visit in the browser.

When YouTube Go was introduced five years ago, it lacked the ability for users to comment, post and create content, or use Dark Mode at all. However, all these features have become an integral part of the video platform and that’s why the app will be going away.

The announcement also confirmed there have been improvements regarding performance, especially on low-end devices, and the regular YouTube app will no longer be a strain on the connectivity or data prices. Additional controls for decreasing data usage are also in the pipeline, which will help viewers with limited plans.

We should also mention the smartphone market drastically evolved in the past five years. Makers are launching devices with more RAM and storage, better processing power and battery management, all of which are helping regular apps to run smooth with no major issues.


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