YouTube getting updates as streaming, watch time increase

Even without Google telling us, we know that viewership on YouTube has risen especially in the past few weeks. Millions of people are staying at home so we know many are in front of their computers, tablets, or smartphones for many hours each day watching videos of just about anything. The pandemic has changed the world in an instant and will continue to do so until a cure is found. For now, we’ll settle and stay safe at home and maybe try to learn a new skill or two.

Google has been updating many of its products and services recently. The tech giant has updated 3D and AR in Search to make learning more fun for everyone. It’s also thinking of releasing a new game-changing streaming device.

Google Lens features have been updated as well for better productivity at home while Android 11 Dev Preview 4 has been released. As for YouTube, YouTube Music has just been updated with Explore Tab and Song Lyrics.

The YouTube dev team has been working hard these days to introduce improvements to the video-sharing site and app. As more people are turning onto YouTube for entertainment and learning, it’s important that enhancements are made. Some of the changes introduced include Brand Lift measurement on the TV screen, new advertiser insights, and more flexible formats for content.

Looking at the numbers shared by Comscore, we learned more than 70 million US households are streaming to their smart TVs. YouTube now has the highest viewing hours and reach among streaming services (ad-supported) in the US. It also holds a quarter of all the streaming watch time. Year-on-year, watch time increase by 800%.

Check out the numbers below:

The global YouTube site has reached an 800% increase in watch time and about 250% in the US. The number of TV shows viewers can buy or rent from YouTube hit 125% and 300%, respectively. Live content went up by 250% and 350% (US).

Most of the contributors to the increasing consumption of the viewers include new content from YouTube creators.  User behavior has also changed with people saying they now watch YouTube with other people. Marketing is expected to go up as more business are expanding their online presence.

The YouTube team has also announced Brand Lift for YouTube on TV screens. Surveys will also help marketers to more insights on their ad performance. This way, they can work on strategic marketing campaigns. They can use anything from Google Ads or Display & Video 360. YouTube is expected to introduce new formats as well apart from the YouTube Masthead on TV screens. Format flexibility to streaming can be expected too.

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