YouTube finally gets support for the Galaxy Z Flip Flex Mode

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The Galaxy Z Flip comes with a unique feature called Flex Mode. It utilizes the clamshell foldable’s robust hinge to let you unfold the Galaxy Z Flip’s screen at different angles. This means that the device can serve as its own tripod, for example, you can open it up at a 90-degree angle and set it on a flat surface to take photos.Samsung said at that time that Flex Mode will be supported by several different apps like YouTube. Only a handful of native apps support it currently and the video streaming app wasn’t able to take advantage of Flex Mode at launch. The company has confirmed today that YouTube finally has support for the Galaxy Z Flip Flex Mode.YouTube can now take full advantage of the Galaxy Z Flip Flex ModeSamsung has worked with Google for the software implementation of Flex Mode, the OS has to be able to let the apps adapt to the mode after all, so there’s all the more reason for Google’s app to be among the first to get support for Flex Mode.The latest update for YouTube adds support for Flex Mode, allowing you to watch your favorite videos hands-free. The display can evenly split into two 4-inch screens so you can watch the video on the top half of the display while using the bottom half to read descriptions, write comments and browse for other videos without interrupting playback.

The Flex Mode-optimized YouTube app adjusts playback regardless of the video’s aspect ratio. Square and vertical videos will take up almost the entire space while 16:9 videos will automatically adjust to the center. The updated YouTube app will start rolling out today and Galaxy Z Flip owners will be able to download it from the Google Play Store.An earlier offer is still up for grabs. Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold owners in select markets can get up to 4 months of free YouTube Premium which offers benefits like ad-free viewing and background play.Are you excited to start using Flex Mode for YouTube? Let us know in the comments below.

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