YouTube back again at playing 1080p videos in India, but only on Wi-Fi

YouTube was one of the companies that reduced the quality of videos amidst the extra stress on networks caused by the COVID-19 lockdown in order to curb eventual connectivity outages.

The platform opened videos in 480p on Android and iOS devices in India, but now videos the 1080p option is back.
YouTube back again defaulting to 1080p in India, but only on Wi-Fi
Some users of YouTube have reported that the feature is available once again, although it works only when on Wi-Fi. When the phone is on 4G, the app will still give no better option than SD, or 480p.

Switching between different quality settings was always available for all users during quarantine, but India got the short end of the stick since the other options were not even available. Many users have resorted to using VPN services in other to go around the restriction, while others stuck to their Android TV that did not apply the 480p rule.

UPDATE: This article was updated in order to provide a clearer picture on the availability of settings in India.


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