YouTube adds create button to make 15-second videos

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With the current global success of the TikTok app, social media platforms are scrambling to find the not-so-secret formula to adding similar features to their own apps to replicate the phenomenon. We’ve seen Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat add similar features to their own services. YouTube has also been rumored to be experimenting with something and it looks like they’re now rolling out a prominent create button to help users make 15-second videos without having to leave the current video they’re viewing.

According to Android Police, the create button is showing up on select music videos. Tapping on it lets you create 15-second videos using the music of the video as your background audio and without having to leave that particular screen. It will open up the camera so you can shoot your own short video, like dancing to the music or doing your own version of the music video but with just 15 seconds to do so.

After you’ve finished recording, you can adjust which part of the music you’d like to use. You can also completely change the music by choosing from the available music from the catalog. You can also add annotations/text to the video, pretty similar to how you can do so on TikTok although we’re not seeing yet how it will match up with this particular feature which has made TikTok more fun and even sometimes educational.

Once you’ve finished your minor tweaks or if you want to just share it as it is, you can publish directly to your YouTube channel. There’s also the option to save it to your gallery and uploaded later on. You can also publish 15-second videos by importing them from your gallery, in case you prefer to just shoot the video away from the YouTube app and then just upload it later on.

However, this seems to be a feature that’s only available in India for now and it only shows up under selected music videos. This may just be a test market but hopefully it will expand later on to other territories so we can see if it will be a viable TikTok alternative.

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