You’re not the only one who hates Chrome’s new tab manager design

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Google Chrome for Android is the most popular browser on smartphones, even though browsers like Samsung Internet offer a considerably higher number of useful features. That means every change Google makes to its browser affects the experience for a lot of people, and it seems one in particular is pissing off a lot of users.

Back in January, Google changed to a grid layout for the tab management screen in Chrome for Android and also added tab grouping, which groups all tabs for a particular website together, making it easier to track all the tabs you may have opened. Initially, Chrome had an option to disable tab grouping, but that option was taken away with an update to the app sometime in May this year.

And not everyone is happy. In fact, one particular user has actually reported the lack of an option to disable tab grouping as a bug. The bug report has gained support from over 900 people over the last two weeks, and we can only imagine that it will gain more momentum going forward. Hopefully, it will catch Google’s attention at some point and the company will reintroduce the ability to disable tab grouping in the near future.

Until that happens, well, everyone will have to live with Chrome’s current tab management system. Of course, you can always try other browsers. Samsung Internet, naturally, is what we suggest. You can download it on any Android device and it gives you a ton of neat features, including an ad blocker, smart anti-tracking, and lots of customization options. Grab it from the Google Play Store, the Galaxy Store, or from our APK page!

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