Your Xbox wishlist isn’t broken. Everyone’s is

Whether you’re playing your favorite Xbox games through Samsung’s fantastic Gaming Hub smart TV platform or a dedicated Xbox console you may have bought at a discount, chances are you’ve had some problems with your wishlist lately.

Fortunately, it’s just just you. There’s nothing wrong with your app, web browser, or Xbox console. Countless Xbox fans have had this issue for a couple of days now. And complaints keep piling up on Microsoft’s official forums and Reddit.

What’s the issue, exactly? Xbox users are complaining about their game wishlists getting nuked into oblivion. Their wishlists are empty, which can be a really distressing sight for anyone who has been adding dozens of games to their wishlists over the weeks, months, or even years, just waiting for a discount or the right moment to make a purchase.

Microsoft and publishers could be losing a lot of money

This issue cropped up a few days ago and hasn’t gone away yet. It affects wishlists no matter where you access them, i.e, the Xbox consoles or a web browser. Chances are your Xbox wishlist will show up empty.

There doesn’t seem to be a fix, and although affected users can seemingly add new games to their wishlists, these games will disappear again as soon as users access the wishlist.

In other words, it’s not even worth trying to rebuild your wishlist, as you’ll probably work for nothing. The only thing Xbox users can do right now is wait for Microsoft to hopefully fix this problem in a way that restores wishlists rather than deleting them permanently.

Microsoft will surely want to avoid the latter scenario. As inconsequential as this wishlist bug may seem, it could cost Microsoft and game publishers substantial winnings. Many people buy their games through wishlists at a discount, and Xbox players could be missing out on deals at this very moment, while publishers and Microsoft might be missing out on potential sales.

Image Credit: Samsung

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