Your Phone app to bring PiP support, copy text from image, call option

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One of the best things to come out of Microsoft, at least for those who use Android devices and Windows 10 laptops is the Your Phone app. You are able to do things like mirror your screen to your desktop, read and answer messages, make phone calls, transfer pictures and files, etc, all without having to take your phone out of your bag. It looks like they will be adding even more new features that should make it even easier to work without the distraction of opening and using your phone.

According to a story on Windows Latest, Microsoft is working on two new major features for the Your Phone app. As always, those who are in the Windows Insider program will be able to test out the features when they’re released in the beta version. Being an insider has its perks if you’re the type who likes to be able to experience new features before everyone else, but of course with some early bugs attached to it.

The first major thing that they may be adding soon is support for conversations in Picture in Picture mode layout. This means when you receive a message, you can open it in a separate window apart from the Your Phone app. You can move it around your screen and resize it according to your preference so you can continue reading or watching other things on your computer while answering a message (the two may actually be connected).

You will also be able to make calls from the messages UI directly so you don’t need to go to the call section. Another useful thing that we may see coming in the next few weeks is the ability to copy the text on an image. All you have to do is right click on the image and then tap on the copy text from picture option. This is useful for posters with phone numbers that don’t have captions or images with URL but no QR code.

As to when these will appear on the app for Insider users, it’s still anyone’s guess. Windows Latest thinks it will be within the next few months and then it will get a wider release later this year.

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