Your Phone app now lets Windows Insider users make Calls from PC

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If you’re busy working on your computer and you suddenly hear that phone call from your smartphone, chances are you’d have to dig it out of your bag and get interrupted or you just ignore it and still get distracted (or maybe you should have just kept it on silent right?). With the Your Phone app that Windows introduced for Windows 10 and Android users, this dilemma can now be solved. Sort of. But the idea is that your phone calls can now be re-routed to your computer.

If you’re on the Windows Insider program, you will now get call support through the Your Phone app. Previously, you had text and notifications mirroring so you were able to just leave your phone in your bag and work in peace. You relied on the Your Phone app to see if the incoming text or notification is worth getting your phone out for. Now this includes phone calls, as previously promised.

You will be able to answer the incoming calls through your PC and you will also be able to start calls from there using the in-app dialer and your contacts list within the app. You also have the option of declining the phone calls by sending a custom text or if you prefer, send it directly to your voicemail. In addition, you can also access your recent call history on the app from your computer and make the phone call from there.

You will also be able to seamlessly transfer calls from your computer to your phone if you need to shift from one to the other. You now have the option to tap into your computer’s speakers, microphone, or the larger screen if you prefer to have a “richer calling experience”.

The Calls feature will roll out to Windows Insiders on 19H1 builds or newer. You may have to wait a few more days before it becomes available on the Your Phone app. No news yet when it will roll out to the stable version.


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