Your Phone app now lets more people make calls from their PC

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One of the newer features that Microsoft added to the Your Phone app recently was the ability to make calls from your Windows 10 computer through the app. But it initially started just for Windows Insider users and then eventually to a small group of users outside the program. Now it looks like it’s available for a lot more if not yet all users of the app and their Windows 10 computers. This means you can keep your phone in your bag and away from distraction and still be able to make calls that you need.

Making calls through your PC with the Your Phone app is pretty straightforward. You can look through your recent calls to choose which number to dial. You can also just open up the dial pad to type out the number you need to reach. Or even easier, just browse and search through your contacts if the person you need to reach is already there. Then just go ahead and make your call with your headset on and without having to lift up your actual phone.

That is basically the point of the Your Phone app. When you’re working on your computer and you don’t want the distractions of your mobile device, you will still be able to use the latter on the former without having to take the phone out of your bag or pocket. You can reply to important notifications and ignore the ones you don’t need to respond to at the moment. You can send, receive, and sync SMS.

We’ve also seen a lot of recently added features and improvements on the app like an improved phone gallery feature, support for dual SIM and touch screen, better notification support and interaction, cross-device copy and paste, etc. There is still room for improvement of course and Microsoft seems to be working closely with Samsung so we may soon see screen mirroring or something like that on the app.

In the meantime, you can update your Your Phone app to the latest version to see if the calling feature is now available for you. Watch out for more features this year as Microsoft continues on working to make it more robust and seamless so you can keep your phone in your pants.

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