Your Galaxy S22 smartphone may not reach you as quickly as you had hoped

It seems that the overall public reception of the Galaxy S22 series is quite warm. People are lining up to buy the smartphones in droves, which, in turn, is driving up wait times. A cursory glance at Samsung’s official website shows that one may have to wait until March to get their hands on one.

Some of the higher-specced Galaxy S22 Ultra variants will not ship until April. Incidentally, Samsung predicted that one may have to wait for up to three months to get their hands on a Galaxy S22 Ultra and it doesn’t look like they were kidding. Carrier-locked Galaxy S22 variants appear to have been hit worse. PCMag notes that T-Mobile and Verizon customers could have to wait until May to get their fix of Samsung’s flagship smartphone.

Given the significant spec boost, Samsung gave the Galaxy S22 series, its high demand is understandable. Samsung, for its part, even ramped up parts production by 20% anticipating this scenario. Samsung Electronics’ CEO personally visited manufacturing facilities in Vietnam to ensure a steady supply of smartphones.

Then again, it isn’t just the Galaxy S22 phones that are supposedly short in supply. Samsung USA had to suspend Galaxy Tab S8 pre-orders in the face of rising demand. What’s the Galaxy S22 availability like in your region? Do let us know in the comments.

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