Your Brain Cleans Itself, This Jet Lands Itself, and More News

Brains are cleaning and planes are intervening, but first: a deadly Halloween cartoon.

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Today’s Headlines

Scientists now know how sleep cleans toxins from the brain

You probably know that your brain is most likely to dream during REM sleep. But a new study shows that during non-REM sleep it actually cleans itself. It turns out when you sleep, large, slow waves of cerebrospinal fluid wash over your brain, clearing out toxins that can lead to things like Alzheimer’s.

Cirrus’ private jet can now land itself, no pilot needed

Cirrus’ new $2 million jet has a lot of cool features, but a new one called the Safe Return Emergency Autoland System may be its most impressive. The plane comes with a big red button that passengers can push if the pilot somehow becomes incapacitated. When pressed, the plane engages its autopilot functionality plus a simplified engine management system to steer the aircraft to a smooth landing and brake to a stop.

Fast Fact: 100,000 Miles Per Hour

That’s how fast NASA’s new spacecraft will go. The agency expects to sling it around Jupiter or the Sun to send it out of our solar system entirely to explore the great beyond. The mission could fly as soon as 2030.

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From new phones and laptops to new bikes and jackets, our reviewers rounded up their favorite gadgets from this month.

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