You’ll soon be able to follow SamMobile directly from Google Chrome

The latest beta version of Google Chrome adds the ability to follow RSS feeds and have their stories appear on your new tab pages. Meaning this is yet another great way to follow SamMobile if you so choose to. Or rather, it’s going to be, as soon as Google gets the feature actually working, which will hopefully happen in the coming hours.

Launching the Chrome Android app and trying to follow any source right now results in a vague error saying: “Can’t follow. Something went wrong.” We’re presumably waiting for Google to flip some server-side switch here. Because the feature, experimental as it may be, seems to be ready for beta testing otherwise. In order to enable it, download the latest beta version of Chrome from the Play Store, then go to “chrome://flags” (type it in the URL field) and search for “feed” functionality. This will toggle a new item at the very bottom of the three-dot menu that you can access on any page inside the browser.

Is the feature already working on your end?

Refer to the screenshots below if you need more guidance on how to enable native RSS support inside the Android version of Chrome. And if you need a convenient way to follow SamMobile right now, our Telegram channel and social media accounts allow you to do just that.

As for the Chrome functionality at hand, we’d certainly love for Samsung Internet to implement something of the sort in the near future. So long as it allows us granular control over the output in the vein of what this feature seems to be promising.

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