You don’t need to spend $180 to get a keyboard for the Surface Pro 8

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Surface Pro 8 ProfileSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

When Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 8, it also showed off the Surface Pro Signature Keyboard. This keyboard has an Alcantara finish and a slot for charging the new Surface Slim Pen 2. It also has a $180 price tag, which is more than some people want to pay for a keyboard for a Surface Pro. Microsoft didn’t make much fanfare about the fact that people can also order the more affordable Surface Pro Keyboard that works with the Surface Pro 8.

The Surface Pro Keyboard used to be called the Surface Pro X Keyboard. Since the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro X share several design elements, some of their accessories are now interchangeable. The Surface Pro Keyboard only costs $140 on a normal day. At the time of publication, it’s on sale for $36 off, bringing its price down to $104.

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The Surface Pro Keyboard lacks the Alcantara finish of its more expensive sibling. It doesn’t have a slot for charging the Surface Slim Pen 2 either. That may be a dealbreaker for people who want to store a pen on the go, but it doesn’t matter for people who don’t plan to use a stylus with their 2-in-1.

If neither of Microsoft’s keyboards meets your needs, you can also check out the Brydge SP+ keyboard. It attaches to the Surface Pro 8 and converts the 2-in-1 into a more traditional laptop. We have a full review of the Brydge SP+ on the way.

The Surface Pro 8 has a higher starting price than its predecessor, and some of its accessories are more expensive than those previously available, but we recently broke down that the price creep of the Surface Pro lineup isn’t as steep as it seems.

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