You can now play the Tales of Arise demo on Xbox consoles

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Tales Of Arise Demo ScreenshotSource: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Any JRPG fan is likely keeping a close eye on Tales of Arise, the latest title in a series that’s been pushing some of the best JRPGs since 1997. Tales of Arise officially arrives in less than a month, but if you can’t wait that long (or if you’re on the fence), you can now download and play the official Tales of Arise demo. The demo offers a curated mini-experience set inside Tales of Arise, letting players get a taste of what the game offers without giving away too much. There’s also a new trailer to check out.

The Tales of Arise demo is now available for your platform of choice, and lets you play an altered slice of the game. None of your progress or information from the demo will translate to the real game, but anyone who completes the demo and then purchases the full game will be able to redeem the “Vacation Hootle” for free when they start playing. Be sure to choose the right demo for your console, as there are separate demos for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles (since Tales of Arise elects not to use Microsoft’s seamless Smart Delivery system).

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After you play the Tales of Arise demo, the full game is currently available for preorder, with three editions from which to choose. Tales of Arise officially releases on Sept. 10, 2021 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, PS5, and PS4.

Tales of Arise follows the stories of two unlikely heroes, Alpen and Shionne, as they work to decide the fate of maligned and exploited nation of Dahna. An open-world JRPG, Tales of Arise features slick visuals and even slicker combat, where each character traveling with you plays a key role in battles. Those who love the JRPG genre absolutely need to keep an eye on Tales of Arise, but what we’ve seen of the game shows it might even have what it takes to join our list of best Xbox games.

A new tale begins

Tales Of Arise Reco Image

Tales of Arise (Preorder)

Take control of your fate

Join Alphen and Shionne on an epic journey in the next exciting entry in the long-running JRPG Tales series. Tales of Arise is available to preorder now, with several editions from which to choose.

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