You can now make calls from your PC on Your Phone app

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The Your Phone app was created so that when you’re working on your PC, you can put your phone away and just focus on the task you’re doing. One major thing was missing from it to make it fully functional but now the day has come when it’s almost fully complete. Microsoft announced that you will now be able to make phone calls from your computer as they are making the Calls feature of the app available for general use.

If it’s the first time you’re hearing about the Your Phone app, it’s an app that will let your phone work directly with your Windows computer. You can relay text messages, notifications, and share images between your devices. The one thing that was missing was the Calls feature although they have been testing it with the Windows Insiders members for some months now. It looks like they have been able to work out the kinks and problems as it is now available for the general public.

With the Your Phone app, you can just keep your phone in the bag even if you need to make calls. You can dial a number or search for your contacts to be able to make a phone call. You can also check out your call history in case you need to get a number that you previously called. You will also be able to transfer the call from your computer back to your phone, in case you need to step away from your desk for this call.

While the basics are already complete, there is still room for Microsoft to grow the Your Phone app. We can expect more features in the future especially since they have partnered with Samsung for some things like screen mirroring which Samsung has been able to do with their DeX companion.

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