You can now decide who can join your WhatsApp group chat

The pace at which WhatsApp has been gaining new features has improved in the recent past. Recently, the Meta-owned platform released Unicode 15.0 emojis for WhatsApp beta testers, and also the app is all set to receive a new text editor for Galaxy and other Android phones. Self-destructing group chats are also coming for the WhatsApp app.

Now, WhatsApp is all set to add a new feature that will allow group admins to decide who can join the group and who cannot. This feature aims at enhancing the group chat experience. The next time you share a group invite link, the WhatsApp group admin can decide whom to approve to let them join the group.

This group admin control feature will also be available inside the community and accessible to all. Also, WhatsApp will now let you see common groups that you share with another contact. This negates the need for remembering or manually checking the groups you are a part of with another contact. To know the common groups, all you need to do is search for the contact name in the search bar, and the results will be displayed.

According to the official announcement, WhatsApp said that these features would be rolling out in the coming weeks. So, they might be available to use right after updating the WhatsApp app from the Play Store.

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