You can get some great deals on Microsoft Surface devices this Cyber Monday

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Microsoft’s Surface lineup of premium PCs are among the best you can buy, and Cyber Monday makes prices much more manageable. We’re seeing some attractive prices on bundles and standalone hardware from a few retailers, and we’ve rounded up the absolute best Cyber Monday Microsoft Surface deals you’ll find in 2019.

  • Surface Pro 7 – Up to $360 off
  • Surface Laptop 3 – Up to $300 off
  • Surface Go — Up to $180 off
  • Surface Book 2 — Up to $500 off
  • Surface Pro 6 — Up to $371 off

Microsoft Surface Cyber Monday Deals

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 — Up to $360 off

There are a bunch of awesome Surface Pro 7 (latest in the Pro lineup) and Type Cover bundles on sale for Cyber Monday, ranging from introductory models with 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor (CPU) up to the higher-end options with powerful Core i7 hardware. These 2-in-1 PCs offer tablet and notebook versatility, and they’re built to the high standard that’s expected from Surface products.

If you love the idea of a 12.3-inch touch display with 2736×1824 resolution, stunning color, and inking support thanks to a Surface Pen, the Pro 7 should be a solid choice. Check out these deals on bundles that include a Type Cover with comfortable backlit keyboard and Precision touchpad.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 — Up to $300 Off

The new Surface Laptop 3 comes in either 13.5- or 15-inch configurations, allowing you the flexibility to get what you need. The smaller version comes with a touch display at a 2256×1504 resolution, while the larger model has a 2496×1664 resolution. Both have a boxy 3:2 aspect ratio, and color and contrast are impressive.

The Laptop 3 is built to a premium standard, and it’s one of the nicest laptops in terms of user experience that we’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for an Ultrabook that doesn’t convert or split into two parts, this is a great choice.

Microsoft Surface Go — Up to $180 off

The Surface Go is essentially a smaller version of the Surface Pro, which makes it better as a travel partner no matter where you choose to go. It has a 10-inch touch display with 1800×1200 resolution and inking support, with deep color and contrast. It can be used as a tablet, or a Type Cover can be attached for a notebook experience. Like the Pro 7, it has a stand on the back that folds out to prop up the display.

Note that the 64GB eMMC storage is considerably slower than the 128GB SSD. If you value speedy load times, you’ll no doubt want to opt for the latter option. This is a great 2-in-1 for light work, streaming, and web browsing. There are a number of deals on bundles and tablets for Cyber Monday, and you should be able to find exactly what you need.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 — Up to $500 off

The Surface Book 2 is an impressive and powerful modular Ultrabook available in 13.5- and 15-inch configurations. Internal hardware is split between the tablet and performance base (keyboard and touchpad) portion so you’ll get the most power using it as a notebook, but it’s perfectly capable as a tablet for times when you’re kicking back watching TV or movies.

The touch display — either 3000×2000 or 3240×2160 resolution based on the size — is compatible with the Surface Pen for a stellar inking experience, and its 3:2 aspect ratio offers more screen real estate. It’s also perfect when used as a tablet. Eighth-generation Intel CPU options are available, as well as dedicated graphics for extra design or gaming performance.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 — Up to $371 off

The last-gen Surface Pro 6 is still a good buy in the face of the updated Pro 7, though you won’t get the latest Intel CPUs or a USB-C port. Other than that, it mostly remains unchanged. Check out these awesome bundle deals if you don’t mind not have the absolute latest in the Pro lineup.

These aren’t the only Cyber Monday deals we’ve uncovered

These Surface laptop sales are but a small sampling of the Cyber Monday deals we’re digging up. We’ve put together collections all the best gaming laptop and general laptops sales, and you can have a look at our ever-updating roundup of all the absolute best Cyber Monday deals for tech and beyond.

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Cyber Monday!

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