Yet another leak hints at the Samsung Galaxy S11’s tiny bezels

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The Galaxy Note 10 features the tiniest bezels yet of any Galaxy flagship, and it will come as no surprise when the same will be seen on Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S11. Just how tiny those bezels will be was hinted at by leaked images of Galaxy S11 screen protectors a few weeks ago, and the same source has now released new images that show a reference screen protector that is supposedly closer to the final design of the phone.It’s worth noting that protective films do not cover the entire length and breath of the display, so the Galaxy S11’s bezels will be slightly bigger than what we see in these images. They should be equal in size to the bezels on the Galaxy Note 10, which should allow Samsung to keep the overall dimensions of the Galaxy S11e, S11, and S11+ relatively compact despite the large screens all three Galaxy S11 models are rumored to have (between 6.2 to 6.9 inches).While the bezel size may remain the same between the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 10, the former is shaping up to be a substantial upgrade over anything that’s come before. 108MP and 48MP rear cameras, massive batteries, improvements to fingerprint recognition performance and more is expected from Samsung’s upcoming flagship. The Galaxy S11 is likely to be announced sometime in the third week of February alongside the company’s next foldable phone, which was revealed to us in all its glory earlier this week.

galaxy s11 screen protector bezels

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