Yet another Galaxy S10 Android 10 beta update released!

Samsung is on fire right now. The company has released the sixth Android 10 beta update for the Galaxy S10 series today, three days after it pushed out the fifth beta update, which came out three days after the fourth beta update. That’s a lot of beta updates in quick succession, which is in stark contrast to the pace at which Samsung is working on the Android 10 update for the Galaxy Note 10.The Galaxy S10 beta that’s rolling out today has software version G97**XXU3ZSKJ and seems to be available in all countries where the beta program is active. That includes Germany, India, France, Spain, Poland, the UK, South Korea, and the US, although the update may not be available in the US right away because of the difference in time zones. The update includes fixes for a few bugs, such as device restarts when using Bluetooth tethering, volume control bar not going away after volume is adjusted, and the status bar getting cut off at the bottom.To grab the latest beta for your Galaxy S10, open the Settings app on the phone, tap Software update, then select Download and install. Don’t forget to backup all your data before you install the update. Yes, you should do a backup every time there’s a new beta release, as there’s no telling when a device-breaking bug may slip through.

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