Yale Smart Delivery Box and Smart Cabinet Lock secure packages, valuables

If package theft is a concern, Yale has just made the Smart Delivery Box available for purchase. This is designed primarily to give you a safe place to store a delivered package, at the porch or garage, until you get back home, so you don’t have to worry about theft. The Delivery Box is unlocked by default – once the package is placed inside and closed – it automatically locks to ensure the delivery is secure.

Along with the Smart Delivery Box, Yale has also made the Smart Cabinet Lock available for purchase – as the name suggests, this can be used inside cabinets and drawers to keep valuables safe. Both the smart storage products from Yale take safety and convenience to the next level, but the Delivery Box is of more significance.

The Smart Delivery box comes in Kent and Brighton designs – it can connect with a smartphone over Wi-Fi or with an integrated Yale App – to let the user control it from just about anywhere. It can be placed in Delivery Mode that leaves the box open until the package is dropped into it and locks automatically to prevent unwanted access. Using the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, the box can be remotely accessed to lock and unlock it in case of additional deliveries.

The Smart Delivery Box is also available with Bridge and keypad, so it can be accessed or locked using a pin code. For security, the Delivery Box can either be tethered to the ground or weighted with sand. The Smart Cabinet Lock also comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for remote access.

Both the Smart Delivery Box and Smart Cabinet Lock will be available on Yale store, Amazon, and Best Buy. While the Kent Wi-Fi variant will cost $279.99, the Brighton Wi-Fi option will cost slightly lesser at $229.99. The smart keypad and Wi-Fi option will bump up the cost for Kent to $329.99 and for Brighton to $279.99. Smart Cabinet Lock will cost $79.99 for Bluetooth only model and $129.99 for the lock with Wi-Fi.

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