Xiaomi working on gaming monitor with 165Hz refresh rate

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Shortly after the release of the budget Redmi monitor, we get some info about a quartet of Xiaomi gaming-oriented monitors coming shortly. They will come in three flavors – 24.5″, 27″ and 29.5″.
Xiaomi working on four gaming monitors, one with 165Hz refresh rate
The 24.5-inch model is expected to launch sometime in September, while as early as this July, we can expect the 27-inch, 165Hz monitor to be announced. Looking ahead, if all goes to plan, the company will release another 4K model coming in 27-inch and 29.5-inch variants.

Further down the line Xiaomi is also said to bring a non-gaming 27-inch monitor and two more gaming-centric screens with 23.8-inch and 27-inch diagonals. But there’s still no info on when we should be expecting those three.


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