Xiaomi working on a phone with 16GB of RAM

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There are only a couple of phones that can be configured with 16GB of RAM and there isn’t a Xiaomi among them. Not yet anyway, as leakster Digital Chat Station teases that the company is working on just such a model.

Earlier this year there were murmurs that the new Mi Mix model will have 16GB, but those quieted down. The Mix does make sense though, as that is Xiaomi’s halo series. Alternatively, the Mi 10 Pro was also rumored to have a 16GB option, but that never materialized.
Xiaomi may be working on a phone with 16 GB of RAM
12GB has become pretty common, it’s even available on some fairly affordable models. Samsung started manufacture of 12GB LPDDR5 in July last year, mass production of 16GB packages started in February 2020. However, Xiaomi partnered with rival Micron to source the LPDDR5 chips for the Mi 10 phones. Micron stated that it expects 16GB phones in the second half of this year.

Anyway, we haven’t heard any solid info on when the next Xiaomi Mix might launch, even the Mi Mix Alpha hasn’t launched yet or any other Xiaomi worthy of 16 GB RAM.

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