Xiaomi to unveil a cheaper Mi Band 3i on November 21

Xiaomi has a new fitness band ready for announcement. The maker posted a teaser on Twitter to promote its RunWithMi marathon with the words “Good thiiings come to those who run”, which points to the gadget being called the Mi Band 3i. The marathon is in Bangalore on December 1 and Xiaomi will give finishers a free Mi Band 3i as a reward.

It’s not clear what specs and features the Mi Band 3i will have but it will likely sit between the INR 18,000 Mi Band 3 and the INR 23,000 Mi Band 4.

The Mi Band 4 added a bigger color AMOLED screen and Bluetooth 5.0 over the Mi Band 3, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for hardware improvements for a cheaper gadget. Well know in two days.

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