Xiaomi teases king phone, gaming one incoming

Xiaomi VP Lu Weibing went on Weibo to promote two upcoming phones by Xiaomi. One is the “machine king” (translated) and the other is a “e-sports game phone”.

Weibing says if people want those devices they should “wait a little bit”, not specifying how much exactly. If we’re to guess we’d say the devices in question are the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and the Black Shark 4, both of which are expected later this year.

Xiaomi teases two incoming phones, one of them a gaming one

Both will offer Snapdragon 888 chipsets with the Ultra focusing on imaging with a periscope zoom camera (either 5x or 10x) and the gaming phone possibly bringing a refresh rate above 120Hz.

Amusingly, ZTE’s Qianhao Lu responded to Lu Weibing, saying that the Red Magic 6 Pro already brings 18GB of RAM and has been official since March 4.

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