Xiaomi Super Charge Turbo 100W: More details shared by exec

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Xiaomi Super Charge Turbo 100W

Xiaomi is one of the few mobile OEMs we really trust. It may no longer be the no. 1 tech company in China after being displaced by Huawei but it continues to work hard. It’s been very prolific the past few years and has actually evolved into a lifestyle brand, releasing different household products and smart devices. Xiaomi smartphones have remained bestsellers because of almost premium specs and affordability. It also has a number of sub-brands that offer products to niche markets.

While the OEM is preparing for the Mi 10 flagship launch, it’s also working on a new technology that may make charging even faster that the fastest we know today. It was already made known last year the a 100W fast charging technology is in the works. Too good to be true? Remember, a Xiaomi Super Charge Turbo was presented last year.

That one showed us a 100% full battery can be reached within 17 minutes with 100W charging. Vivo then introduced the 120W Super FlashCharge tech that can juice up 4000mAh batt in 13 minutes. Samsung then released two new chips that can support 100W USB-C fast charging.

You see, it is possible according to Xiaomi’s Lu Weibing. The tech will be first implemented on a Redmi phone. It won’t be easy but charging that fast can be done. The 100W Super Charge Turbo technology may bring faster battery capacity loss because you charge faster, battery capacity may be reduced eventually. The tech also requires an ultra-high voltage charging system.

There is still the question of sustainable charging time so it’s still being looked at. Several security features will be offered for the battery, voltage, and overcharging. This is to ensure 100W charging is supported. Multiple charging scenarios are also being reviewed including wireless charging and wired charging. Let’s wait for 100W charging to become a reality. It’s going to happen.

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