Xiaomi shows retractable wide-aperture telescopic lens for smartphones

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Who’s up for a smartphone camera that opens and retracts much like the point-and-shoot camera of yesteryears? This is not a new concept you’ll argue, we’ve seen phones with cameras that physically move in and out, but Xiaomi is doing this better with its new lens. Xiaomi has recently launched a telescopic lens featuring a super large-aperture that promises to increase light input by up to 300-percent and image clarity by 20-percent. This retractable lens will be significantly designed to enhance aperture as opposed to zoom that such camera tech is generally used for.

Xiaomi’s retractable wide-aperture lens technology was shown-off at the Mi Developer Conference (MIDC 2020) in Beijing, China, last week by the company Vice President Zeng Xuezhong. The optical structure introduced at the event themed “Technology for Life” is designed to compactly lodge within the back of a smartphone and extend out when needed.

The inventive design allows the telescopic lens to feature a large aperture that can increase the amount of light entering the lens by up to 300-percent, to deliver cleaner, sharper pictures every time even in low light conditions. The camera module is also integrated with state-of-the-art stabilization technology that provides extra control for steady pictures and videos.

Reportedly the photos taken from the wide-aperture telescopic lens developed by Xiaomi are almost 20-percent clearer. The camera delivers better performance in portrait and night photography in caparison to camera structures in use presently, the company says.

Xiaomi has also introduced telemacro lens – a 2-in-1 macro/telephoto lens that works in 50mm-125mm range and will give another reason for pro-level photographers to rejoice. There is no certainty of how far we are from seeing such lenses in smartphones, it’s interesting to see Xiaomi propelling the camera technology alongside the wireless charging technology boundaries it has been pushing sternly.

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