Xiaomi official retracts his words about “no Mi Mix 4”

The brand promotion manager of Xiaomi said last week that people should stop asking about an incoming Mi Mix 4 because there is no such phone. Today he cleared that foreign media for misquoting him, what he intended to say was that there was no Mi Mix 4 at the Xiaomi launch.

However, in his post on Weibo, Mr. Edward did not confirm the phone is coming either – he simply said: “I haven’t said there is no Mi Mix 4 and I am not confirming there is a Mi Mix 4”.

Latest post, machine-translated by GoogleLatest post, machine-translated by Google

Obviously fans wanted the Mi Mix 4 to be real and filled forums with questions about it. However, it appears the company was not ready for such a response and some of its officials decided to take it to Weibo before being briefed on how to cope with the situation. Since the Mi Mix 4 is still not confirmed, we might not see the device.

However, Xiaomi previously released the Mi Mix 2s in the winter, so there is a slight hope we could see a new Mix device in the next quarter.

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