Xiaomi MIUI 10 to disable all ads with one-click button


Unlike its top rival Huawei, Xiaomi still has the privilege to use Android in the many years to come. The latest version, Android 10, will be coming to some of the newest Xiaomi phones but will be topped by MIUI. One of the most important features will be a one-click button that can turn off all ads showing in MIUI system apps. The company listens to the feedback and suggestions of real users and beta testers. The objective has always been to improve the consumer experience and so the devs have really acted on the suggestions.

One major problem in MIUI is that it shows unwanted ads to phone users. They show up in different system apps. The issue has been part of Redmi and Xiaomi phones and it’s about time the ads go.

MIUI, the custom Android skin of Xiaomi, will soon do away with the ads. It will be possible on MIUI 10 which is currently in beta. MIUI executive Xiaofan @MIUI Xiaofan has revealed the company has been working on the disabling of ads.

The Xiaomi MIUI team noted while turning them off may be easy, it’s not always the case. This time though, a one-click toggle button will. The MIUI beta version 9.8.29 already has it but future phones will get it on MIUI 10.

Xiaomi admits the ads help them lower the prices of the phone and improve the quality of the products. It’s not just for money but it’s for the consumers mainly. Of course, not many believe this and so they are insisting to turn off all ads. They want them disabled in every section of MIUI 10.

It may take a while before the change reaches the stable channel but at least we know there is a one-click button. Xiaomi phone users will definitely benefit from this change.

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