Xiaomi Mi Alpha R rollable display phone spotted in a patent

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If already foldable phones weren’t all the rage, rollable phones are going to make it even more exciting. OPPO X 2021 revealed at the Inno Day 2020 was a glimpse of what’s coming, while other major smartphone players like LG, Samsung and TCL are also working under the wraps for their versions of a rollable phone. The future is looking exciting, as now, Xiaomi has also joined the race with its extendable smartphone having rollable display.

According to a patent filed by the Chinese company, the new rollable phone is fitted with a retractable display, moving on the chassis’ support mechanism. Pretty similar to the X 2021, this is called Xiaomi Mi Alpha R, having a wider profile when fully retracted (almost 200 percent in width), just like that of a tablet.

At first glance, the phone looks like the Mi Mix Alpha, but then, it has the unique pull-out display when required, leveraging the rollable screen technology. This Xiaomi’s rollable screen brings its own set of advantages like no creasing, as seen on a foldable device, and the obvious compact form factor.

This patent was dug out by LetsGoDigital that gives a peek into the upcoming concept, expected to be revealed next year. To give the tech enthusiasts a better idea of what is waiting for them, they collaborated with Jermaine Smit (aka Concept Creator) to put together the renders and a video of the concept phone.

All the information on the phone is for now just a calculated assumption based on the filed patent and should be taken with a grain of salt. What the final prototype or the commercially available device will look like is not known yet. Whether this will make it through as a product that’ll be manufactured is also no certainty yet.

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