Xiaomi Mi 11 Teardown: Low repairability, missing IP rating

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Xiaomi Mi 11 Teardown

The Mi 11 is Xiaomi’s latest flagship serious. It’s not the only phone offering by the Chinese OEM but it is the most premium at the moment. There is still the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra but we have yet to see that. For now, we focus our attention on to the Mi 11. The Xiaomi Mi 11 premium flagship was officially announced last December. We mentioned a heart rate monitor is possible with the fingerprint scanner. Its Night Video feature is powered and has been demoed by BlinkAI Technologies.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 has winning display technology that rivals the best. It’s ready in two variants. It was a subject of a recent Durability Test. We also saw an early teardown video.

IFixit’s teardown treatment reveals low repairability with a score of 4 out of 10. What’s good is you only need one standard Phillips screwdriver to open the device. A lot of components inside are modular. The process may be tedious but know that the battery and screen can be replaced separately. There is no IP rating which may be partly because the adhesive is not that stubborn.

If you want to replace the on-screen fingerprint sensor, you may have to take out the whole screen. It can be tricky as the screen may be broken. It’s the same with the glass body. It’s prone to damage. The curved glass also needs special tools so you can easily open or remove.

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