Xiaomi Mi 10 not booting after last update

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The newest Mi 10 phone from Xiaomi is experiencing some issues. The problem starts after you upgrade to beta 20.3.4. What happens (or does not happen), is that the phone would not boot. It’s not clear if the problem is widespread but some users have reported they see a black screen appearing and their phones are not booting normally. Xiaomi has already acknowledged the situation of a faulty update and so it has made the decision to pull out the update.

Xiaomi has released this official statement: “After receiving some user feedback that the Xiaomi Mi 10 has a black screen when upgrading to the internal test development version 20.3.4 and cannot boot normally, we stopped pushing the new version immediately. We are currently investigating the reasons. If there are new developments in the future, we will update this post in a timely manner. We hope everyone will continue to pay attention to the inconvenience caused to you. Please forgive me! thanks for your support.”

Other issues have been reported too like pressing the power button for a while will not boot the phone. A card also cannot be used on the Mi 10 after the update. Such failures are already being investigated by Xiaomi.

Problems after software updates are not uncommon but we’re talking about a Xiaomi flagship here. We’re positive though the Chinese OEM will be able to release solutions for the problems.

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