Xiaomi may offer 120Hz display refresh rate phones in the future

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Xiaomi 120Hz Refresh Rate

Xiaomi is adding another feather to its cap. Rumor has it that an upcoming phone will include a 120Hz display, joining the few models that already have the same feature. A high refresh rate is ideal for gaming phones so we’re assuming the Chinese OEM is making another, perhaps a more high-end gaming device. Before the mystery Xiaomi phone, we’ve already seen the following phones with such refresh rate: OPPO Reno Ave, Red Magic 3/3S, ASUS ROG Phone II, Sharp Aquos R3/zero2, OnePlus 7 Pro/7T/7T Pro, and even the yet-to-be-announced Realme X2 Pro and Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL.

An XDA dev shared the good news when he spotted refresh rate details in the code for two settings: 60Hz and 120Hz. There is no mention of 90Hz. XDA member (@kacskrz) thought of changing the setting on his own phone but it was unsuccessful.

The 90Hz appears to be similar with 120Hz. Maybe anything above 90Hz, there won’t be much any difference. The 60Hz display is already good enough but 90Hz is better. 120Hz may be dizzying for some.

The trend seems to be improving the display rates of the phones whether midrange or premium. We’re thinking game developers should start working on games that run at least 60fps. Let’s wait and see for related announcements. We don’t doubt Xiaomi is considering this one since it’s usually always ahead of the mobile game.

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