Xiaomi details new Dark Mode 2.0 and MIUI 12

Xiaomi’s ever-popular MIUI Android flavor has its 12th major release on the horizon. As per the latest leaks on the matter it should be unveiled on April 27 and one of its highlight features will be Dark Mode 2.0. Xiaomi has now provided some more details as to what the new version of the mode will offer.

Wallpaper Dimming is pretty straight-forward in its effects, but with a rather interesting added twist. Instead of simply dimming the wallpaper image uniformly, Dark Mode 2.0 will attempt to intelligently simulate a gradual light transition, according to the day-night cycle. The really interesting bit here, though, is finding our whether this will only work with a pre-determined set of system images or Xiaomi actually came up with a way to pull it off on any custom wallpaper.

Font weight adjustment is also a rather descriptive name. The feature will be able to automatically adjust the boldness of text in order to reduce glare and blur. This builds upon the dynamic font system, which already exists in MIUI 11 and should work in both dark and light mode. The example in the slide is a great practical explanation, where we see the same text being automatically rendered with a 580 font weight while in dark mode and 630, in light mode.

Font-weight adjustment Font-weight adjustment
Font weight adjustment

Font contrast adjustments is another step towards the ultimate goal of a more pleasant reading experience. Main idea here is that the relative brightness and contrast difference between the black background and white text in Dark Mode 2.0 should adapt dynamically, according to the amount of ambient light. That way, your eyes won’t hurt during the night and you will be able to read text more easily in sunlight.

Font contrast adjustments Font contrast adjustments Font contrast adjustments
Font contrast adjustments

Of course, we are sure there are plenty of other features to detail in MIUI 12 and we have no doubt Xiaomi will feed us more bits and pieces until the time for the big announcements comes.

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