Xiamo Mi 11 slated for December 29 release, leak confirms

Snapdragon 888 chipset will bring advanced processing technologies to the upcoming flagships honed by its AI engine in 2021. Xiaomi was slated to bring the first Snapdragon 888-powered smartphone to the market in early 2021, but now according to a leak, the Mi 11 (rumored name of the flagship) may be revealed earlier than that. The phone will have a unique curved display all around with a 120/144Hz display.

As imagined, out of the box the phone will have the latest Android 11 OS with the MIUI running on top. The MIUI 13 slated to reveal in early spring will further refine the experience on the Xiaomi Mi 11.

According to trusted industry insider and leakster Ice Universe, the phone is going to look a little different from the current-gen devices, with a contoured camera housing. The exclusive images suggest that fact, as a man is seen carrying the next-gen phone, only the rear of the device can be seen.

Yet another tweet on Xiaomi Nigeria’s Twitter handle suggests that on 16th December there is going to be an announcement/presentation of sorts about a mystery device. Most probably the Xiaomi Mi 11, as suggested by the phone’s design in the official image by Xiaomi Nigeria.

According to a media house, the phone will be released on December 29 and might go on sale the very same day. The phone will indeed enjoy a period of exclusivity as being the first-ever Snapdragon 888 smartphone for some time.

Apparently, the flagship Xiaomi device will have 8GB of RAM, 55W fast charging capability and a 100MP camera to leverage the advanced image processing of Qualcomm’s latest and greatest chipset for 2021.

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