Xbox Series S specs list

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Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox Series S, its budget-friendly entry in its next-generation console family, headed to market alongside Xbox Series X this November. The device scales back graphical prowess to pursue a lower price tag, featuring several flagship Xbox Series X features, but scaling back to a sub-4K resolution. That comes condensed into Microsoft’s smallest Xbox to date, scheduled to launch for just $299 in the U.S.

The Xbox Series S boasts promising hardware for the price, making for a lucrative entry point into the next generation. With Xbox One hardware to steadily phase out with time, the upgrade delivers enhanced visuals, reduced loading times, ray tracing support, and other hallmarks of Xbox Series X for less.

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Here are the Xbox Series S specs, based on what we know so far.

List of Xbox Series S hardware specs

While the Xbox Series S shares many features with its sister console, Xbox Series X, the hardware inside packs some notable differences. The lower-tier console is expected to cut back the specifications in several key areas, including the GPU, RAM, and onboard solid-state drive (SSD) storage. The device also loses the disc drive in the process, making the trade-off as a digital-only experience. But that still leaves highly-capable console, proving increasingly alluring when entering the next generation on a budget.

Here are the likely Xbox Series S hardware specifications as they’re known so far, compiled both from Microsoft, and third-party reports, ahead of the official breakdown still to come.

For a deeper dive into how Xbox Series S compares to Xbox Series X, don’t miss our full breakdown of the features, hardware specs, and what it means for you.

Xbox Series S launches November 10, alongside Xbox Series X.

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