Xbox One owners make over 100,000 donations to fight coronavirus

Microsoft recently unveiled an initiative to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, providing Xbox One owners with the opportunity to donate to the CDC Foundation by playing Xbox games. Hooking into its Microsoft Rewards program, players can donate earned points to coronavirus relief efforts, with every 1,000 points matched by a $1 donation from Redmond itself.

In short, Xbox One owners can do their part, staying at home, and staying entertained.

Those efforts appear to have been well received, with over 100,000 donations clocked through Microsoft rewards. Existing contributions surpassed “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” aiding to CDC Foundation in its response to coronavirus.

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Xbox One Coronavirus Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft now offers three virtual “punchcards,” providing easy access to 6,000 points, equating a $6 donation.Source: Microsoft

“Within the first few weeks of announcing Xbox One owners can use Microsoft Rewards points to donate to the CDC Foundation, our gamer community has come together with over a hundred thousand individual donations – an incredible showing of support for the CDC Foundation contributing to hundreds of thousands of dollars donated this month by Rewards members,” states Microsoft. “We are incredibly inspired by the way the community is rallying to provide support in this time of need.”

The platform holder has announced an expansion of the Xbox One program, providing an opportunity for U.S. players to donate to non-profit GlobalGiving and the United Nations Foundation. That comes with two extra virtual “punchcards,” allowing gamers to secure over 6,000 Microsoft Rewards points in total, equating to a $6 donation.

To access the points or donate, download the Microsoft Rewards app for Xbox One, and look out for the “Support A Hero While At Home” tiles under featured offers.

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